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The End of an Engine

August 20, 2009

hearts, yellow hearts
shallow and tainted
misguide you

through hoops of fire
trials of blood
and broken skin

to win is to win
it all and so every
bone inside you
sings like the strings
of your guitar
without a
glass of gin

so if i was a engine
i’m not longer holding on
i’m in a place inside a seed
where even the leaves don’t know

a cottage on an island on
a drifting sea
in the heart of a star
where red blood
no longer flows


Soft Bones

August 20, 2009

In the smoothness of my arms
Too weak to hold a grudge
Against your forehead

If it shatters
The tiles
When I throw it down
like I was mistaken forever
Does it make a sound?
If you are not around
to drop your eyes
Through the earth

Lead lava’s dead
It’s said
done and rotting
a rocking chair
With afternoon eyes
Through old white sheets

like your soft bones and how they
fell apart in my fingers
among the heaps
of the earth
in a field of dead wheat


The Ghost of a Sage

August 19, 2009

And it seems that thorns
Don’t break my high
Roses in a shepherd’s pie

And his wife said to hold up his arms
When the shadows came through the fence on the farm

A being crept and broke down the door
And they held each other for life
They knew that it would be here
From the glow of the whites of her eyes

And the shadow spread his arms
And threw back his cape
And hissed a cloud

That slowly enveloped the shepherd and the Woman
And they held each other for the night
Believing they would surely die

As everything leaked back into the shadow
And left
As the morning sun dripped its citrus

All into their eyes

They saw they were alive

And slowly the shadow traveled around the country side
Showing the other side of the moon
From behind their eyes