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Soft Bones

August 20, 2009

In the smoothness of my arms
Too weak to hold a grudge
Against your forehead

If it shatters
The tiles
When I throw it down
like I was mistaken forever
Does it make a sound?
If you are not around
to drop your eyes
Through the earth

Lead lava’s dead
It’s said
done and rotting
a rocking chair
With afternoon eyes
Through old white sheets

like your soft bones and how they
fell apart in my fingers
among the heaps
of the earth
in a field of dead wheat



August 19, 2009

Man in a metal

row boat, pulling people on

to hist’ry book shores


Vagabond Failure

August 19, 2009

I used to walk
Living from mountain peak
to peak
thirsty all day
Hoping by night
I’d always come across some milk
And a bale of hay

Scared of thunder and the other
Things I’d forgot to understand
I used to shut my eyes when the sun
Sought me out



August 19, 2009

Butter light through the lopsided window shade
Woke up on the mattress
The sheets were bunched up on the corner
Grabbing a wall
One that you’re falling down
Sliding all over the floor


I Pick All

August 19, 2009

Did you come to the conclusions
That anything that increased
Well I am chasing increasingly
And I will lose it
I’m running
For a cliff and in the moment
I fall
I will only then know
I could’ve flown the
Whole time
I’m glad to pull along anyone
I can for the ride
But I am
Content to say
My goodbyes


The Turnpike Past Midnight

August 19, 2009

Blank pages
And moonlight
Sorcery unto themselves
between the looking glass
And the looker himself

North jersey
headlight love
Nothing above

It’s whatever it was
And wasn’t

So forever it does
And doesn’t

Alone on the turnpike
Dust, plastic bags, and motor oil
In the wind looking for a place to stay
Between the concrete and the cars

Two flats and my sleeping eyes
Are shooting anything they could condemn

scared I’ll see one disappear
fI look too closely at the stars

Watching all of us go by
watching it go by them

watching all of us buy into
watching all of it go by



August 19, 2009

He said take it from someone who’s been on the road
Mighty much longer than he himself will never know
To the kid in sneakers and jeans
desperate to stab the apparent beast
In the eyes

Change only integrate
Who said you know you who you are?
Who told you, you know who you are .? ?.